Your Car Becomes a Beast at the Engine Oil Change Service in Dubai

Regular engine oil changes are like a breath of fresh air for your car's engine, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently.


You may or may not be a car enthusiast, but you definitely are a car owner, I can guess! Do you know how? because you are reading this while I write this in the past. You wanted to give your car a new engine makeover or maybe you’ve had a bad experience with your previous auto care service. Let me guess, the oil-changing guy looked like he was about to spill some oil on you!

Phew… that certainly is a scary situation and I totally get it, so you know what I ended up doing, I decided to write this long stretching blog on auto care services and car engine oil change Dubai! Yup if we talk about cars and oil, we should talk about where you can get the best services in Dubai! So after reading this I will make sure you will be fully satisfied with the information that you will get from here and you would probably want to handover over your car to them, trust them, RAS Auto Care is primarily the place for you to send your car to be better than the best, unlike the modern education system, you give us a car we give back a beast.

What does an auto care company do?

An auto care company is like a complete full body treatment for your car where it is given all the best in the world diagnostics and treatment and care to make sure your car functions smoothly on its next long drive by the beach. But it's not a fairyland of all the good things happening to you more miraculously than catching that next train!

What an auto care company provides is it provides and manufactures parts at the same time vital vehicles services such as:

  • Car wash

  • Car oil change

  • Engine maintenance

  • Engine services and much more

You can imagine a car auto care service like a chocolate factory, there are different kinds of sections and departments for different kinds of needs and services that your vehicle requires, much like a bubble gum-making department or nuts and fruits chocolate department, each department within a car factory is more in tune with what a vehicle or car needs or what it might need.

Now what can your car want:

  • Periodic maintenance

  • Getting rid of old car oil

  • Seeing if the engine is performing well etc

A car wants more than this, a car wants some shine and some smooth finish that reflects back the sun, and so much more. A car deserves some love and care and that sweet sweet pat on the front and an auto care company intend to give just that, to you and your car. What you can probably do is find the ones that are a perfect fit for you and your car.

The story behind starting an engine oil change service in Dubai

Don't worry this will be a short history lesson, but apparently engine oil change service came around the 1900s, first established in new york city and introduced by a man named Sylvanus Bawser in 1902. The idea of a car engine oil change Dubai sprouted and now it's everywhere.

The reason for its unbelievable growth was that people weren't aware of the importance of changing car engine oils hence it became a serious focus when people began t give it more importance, as prior to that they only changed oils when it leaked.

The story of the engine oil changes service in Dubai is very different, the reason being that the first car engine oil service in Dubai was established by a British company named Shell in 1965. Prior to this development, motorists had to take their vehicles to a mechanic to get the oil changed. After Shell introduced oil change services, car engine oil change Dubai became a common site in all of Dubai.

How does oil changing work?

Dubai's Trusted Car Engine Oil Change Dubai Specialists

Now you know why your car needs the aid of a car auto care service, but if you want a service for example, if you wanna change your car oil, then I must tell you how the engine works in the first place! Me, giving you this information is sheerly out of love and generosity, I'm not joking!

If you intend to do something in the future might as well know what's really happening, don't go all into the crowd and beat your chest because everyone is doing it and there is no taking back a bruised chest when you realize that you were rallying for a stupid movement on some teenage online Twitter war on weather shawarma should have ketchup in them, no offense if you hate ketchup and no problem if you do.

So as a caring well-wisher let me tell you how oil changing works and why you obviously need one!

Think of your toy car, imagine you rolling its plasticky wheels smoothly through the cover of your sofa, it glides and grooves effortlessly through the folds and crinkles of your sofa cover and the ride can never get smooth, you think to yourself.

One day your little baby brother/ sister puts some gooey sticky gum inside your car and suddenly, the wheels stop moving and the smooth ride gets rough. The wheels move and then they don't, you are forcing putting a lot of friction between the car and the sofa cover but it doesn't seem to make things any better.

Does it sound familiar, perhaps that messy road trip you had or that sudden breakdown in the middle of nowhere, don't freak out you are fine, just pointing out instances where it is obvious that you need a car oil change. A car oil change maintains the up-down movement of your engine making your engine function smoothly as possible.

Now how does the car engine make use of the newly filled fuel?

When the oil is filled in the gas tank it reaches the engine and gets mixed with air, this mixture pours into a small cylinder structure which is compressed. A spark plug initiates a small explosion which gets the piston moving up and down, which in turn activates the crankshaft that goes around and around making the car wheels move.

Hence your car moves as a result of a tiny explosion within the car and at the end of the explosion the exhaust gas is released through the tailpipe. This my friend is how your car engine works in tune with the fuel that you put in.

Was that too technical, no worries, just breathe read, and let go, have a good night's sleep, it will be stored there for a good long time!

What happens when you don't?

You and your car are one and the same, both of you can live without each other, you guys go on for miles together and each ride is as beautiful as the next one. But one day the ride gets bumpy, and your darling four-wheeler can’t seem to clear those miles that lie ahead. Something is not written, it's like there's a build-up of some bad miscommunication and resentment that seems to clearly start showing!

Does that sound awful, well it really is awful. You and your car seem to be having a physical and emotional breakdown and the culprit? You didn't change the car oil! You should have been more careful but you ended up neglecting that and now you and your seems to be in a tough place. And don't worry it's not real, for now!

What are the signs you should look for, so you can avoid being in that sort of a situation ever…

Here are a few things you can avoid:

Sludge buildup :just like a huge pile of unresolved resentment that builds up along the way, over time your car accumulates gunk and sludge that doesn't allow your engine to run smoothly.

Wear and tear :when those miscommunications and minor disagreements wear out a beautiful bond, ineffective lubrication ends up creating more friction within the engine that ends up creating more damage within the engine.

Overheating :when pent-up frustrations heat up arguments and make it hard to resolve further the relationship weakens, similarly not changing your oil ends up overheating your vehicle which in turn makes it hard for you and your car to properly get along.

Decreased performance :imagine after long years of not properly communicating you let the emotional stress build over time to a point where now you can’t properly function together. That's exactly what happens when you don't periodically change your car oil.

So make sure to catch up on the signs before things get too sore!

Types of oils and how to find the best one for you!

There is plenty of fish in the sea, like new model cars coming out now and then but sadly there are fewer variants of car oils that suit a particular engine. But the good news is these fuels support the kind of engine that your car possesses whether it's an old or a high-performance one. In that sense, you can find the perfect match for your beloved engine that will make you and your car run a few extra miles in the years that come by.

So let's look into a few potential matches for your engine, shall we?

Conventional oil :this oil and your engine can be childhood lovers if you're having one that happens to be old. Conventional oils are reliable, and standard, and get the job done no matter what.

Synthetic oil :this one is like a newfound first love, everything about this oil screams passion and performance. If you have a high-performance or s new vehicle then look no further, this is the heavenly match for your engine as this oil is efficient and high-temperature resistant.

Synthetic blend :call this an all-rounder because this guy provides the best of both worlds, it provides stability and good functioning for the old engine as well as new ones with less price burden compared to the synthetic oil. It's as if the conventional and synthetic oil had a baby.

High mileage oil :remember those old and high mileage engines, this category of engines requires a special match, these are royalty in their own rights. Hence high mileage is just the go for them. These types of oils are more like wisdom-infused specialists who know how to support the engine along the way.

So, the main point is to find the best oil that completes your engine and makes you and your car run smoother than you both ever will.

Things to keep in mind when changing oil!

Quality Car Engine Oil change Dubai

So we’ve discussed everything, from a five-year-old expression of car engine oil change to the best romantic partner for your engine, but hey what about the middlemen, I mean the father of the church who will unite the lovers, I'm talking about the part where the oil is supposed to be filled! Duh

You may not have to fill your own car but there are people who do and maybe if talk about a few precautionary measures one can take and maybe you can guide them on how the relationship is on its way to heaven.

Let's see what you can do to be very clear on what to be very careful about;

  • Imagine just like in therapy with your partner, you need a good and safe environment when you fill in the tank. Just like your feelings to be addressed in a calm and soothing set-up make sure the vehicle stays in a safe place when you decide to fill in.

  • A therapist uses a wide range of tools to communicate with you and your partner's feelings and just so it's important that you should be all geared up with protective clothes and gloves to avoid any sort of hurt.

  • Once you both reach a level where if you are at a point where painful truths need to be said, it's better to proceed after a bit of a gap so that everything cools down a bit right! Same way allow some cooling time before filling so that everything goes as expected without any rash drive experiences.

  • Now both of you have sorted your feelings, it's better to stay calm while the remaining sessions take hold, same way it's important that your vehicle also stays stationary while the oil is being changed.

  • At the end of both of your therapy let go of the past and move ahead, same way it's important to safely remove the old oil and properly give it up for recycling.

And in this way, a relationship is revived just like your car that was having a hard to make the journey across with you.

Finally, why choose us for a car engine oil change Dubai

RAS Autocare is the relationship expert you go to when you need a serious run down on your relationship timeline. they are more concerned about changing your car oil than you ever will and we have all the good reasons as to why!

  • They quality-check each of the oils so that you do not have to even think

  • They expertly drain out the old oil with precise safety standards

  • When they change your car oil it is done in a way that will be the best day for you and your car.

Ras Autocare is all about adapting to new technology, learning, and improving along the way. they have the best set of advisors and specialists that can address each and every one of your car needs. Surprisingly it should be well said that they are the best when it comes to engine oil change service in Dubai.

If you wish to google and type in car engine oil change Dubai then it can be well said that the RAS Autocare service is just the one that will come forward just for you.


1How often should I change my car's engine oil in Dubai?

The frequency of engine oil changes depends on several factors, including the make and model of your car, driving conditions, and the type of oil used. As a general guideline, it's recommended to change your car's engine oil every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometers or every six months, whichever comes first.

2Can we use synthetic engine oil for our car in Dubai's hot climate?

Yes, synthetic engine oils are designed to perform well in extreme temperatures, making them suitable for Dubai's hot climate. Synthetic oils offer better protection against heat, oxidation, and sludge buildup, providing improved engine performance and longevity.

3Are there any environmentally-friendly engine oil options available in Dubai?

Yes, there are environmentally-friendly engine oil options available in Dubai. Some engine oils are formulated with eco-friendly additives and are designed to have a reduced impact on the environment.