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Full Wash

Ras service station provides the best car wash in Dubai , Ras Al Khor. You can easily book our car wash service and our cleaning experts will get started on the car wash work. We offer the latest technology and methods in car wash detailing in Dubai. Our cleaning experts always maintain an eco-friendly and efficient car wash service for all customers. Using Ras service station services, you can wash your car cheaply in Dubai, including a manual wash. We also provide interior and exterior cleaning services as well. We are dedicated to providing a quality hand car wash service and all our products are organic and eco-friendly. Ras service station also provides car seat wash service and the best car spa services in Ras Al Khor, Dubai.

Ras service station best and fast car wash in Dubai uses high-quality wax sealant and towels that will leave your car with an extra shine and long-lasting finish. The interior cleaning process will include the cleaning of carpets and the elimination of bad odors. For the exterior, we take extra care to remove oils, grease, and dirt. Our cheap and best car wash services ensure that your car always looks its best. A manual car wash cleans your car's paintwork, alloy wheels, tires, windows, and mirrors, removing sand and dust and giving it a professional appearance. We guarantee our customer 100% satisfaction with every car wash service. We will keep customer vehicles safe and sound and we work according to their needs. With Ras service station, you will receive a simple, affordable, efficient, and cheap car wash service in Ras Al Khor, Dubai .

Full wash your car and leave the dirt behind
Don’t get your hands dirty full wash your car with us


 Car washing all the body with special shampoo and waxing.

 Cleaning downside of body and chassis

 Cleaning of the engine by dry cleaning.

 Cleaning of the engine by dry cleaning and spraying to protect the engine

 Car washing with high-pressure water

 Cleaning the car from the inside with air and vacuum

 All dashboard and door making polish and shining

 Tyres polishing by a special brand

 Cleaning all rings with special sprays for removing stains

 Air fresher on car

 Cleaning of the trunk (back area of the car)

 Cleaning all doors rubber in car washing


 Free grease

 Checking air tyres

 Wiper water checking

 Radiator water checking.

 Brake oil checking

 Power steering oil checking

 Engine oil checking

 Gear oil checking


1What are the products used for car washing?

For a car wash, there are many products and equipment to choose from. All car wash services at the RAS service station in Dubai are performed using high-quality products and advanced equipment.

2 Are car washing and car detailing the same?

Detailing and car wash are related in that car wash cleans the outside of the car and removes dirt, dust, etc. While car washes take a short amount of time, car detailing is the deep cleaning that makes your car look like it was new when you first bought it.

3Can I book my car washes for different vehicles?

Our team members are trained to handle all types of car washes and our garage can accommodate multiple vehicles.